Adobe Managed Services’ (AMS) Cloud Manager for AEM provides a simple, yet flexible self-service CI/CD Pipeline that allows AEM project teams to quickly, safely and consistently deploy code to all AEM environments hosted in AMS.

Cloud Manager for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a cloud service allowing customers to build, test, and deploy AEM applications hosted by Adobe Managed Services. Cloud Manager enables customers to manage their custom code deployments on their AEM-managed cloud environments with manageable pipeline automation and complete flexibility for their deployments timing or frequency.

Using the Cloud Manager API, customers and partners are able to integrate custom processes into Cloud Manager’s Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

One of the key advantages of Cloud Manager is the ability for IT teams to exercise CI/CD to speed delivery of custom code or updates from months to days. These may consist of adding interactive components on the website, delivering innovative navigation layouts or deploying personalized portals and more. Through the Cloud Manager UI, IT teams can setup and kick-off a pre-configured CI/CD pipeline that automates code deployment across different environments as well as automates functional and load testing processes to increase deployment efficiency. The pipeline leverages Adobe best practices for code inspection and security validations, ensuring a high-quality release and minimizing the likelihood of any disruptions in production environment.

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Flexible Deployment Modes

Once the quality checks have been verified and fixed, code can be setup to be deployed through different trigger modes. With an automatic trigger mode, the code gets automatically deployed to a specific environment after it passes the quality gates. For production environment, the code deployment can be scheduled during specified time frames, even outside business hours, or manually deployed for maximum control. In essence, Cloud Manager offers IT teams the necessary flexibility needed to continuously deliver experiences that satisfy business needs.

As customers increasingly look to move to cloud, Cloud Manager offers the necessary self-service tools to increase agility in delivering new experiences and updates, ensure optimal performance, and gain valuable insight into their key investments.